Sunday, May 16, 2010


Set Design Model for Don DeLillo's Love-Lies-Bleeding
Spring 2010

A 1/4" scale model for Design For Performance; floor plans taken from the Lookingglass Theater . The play centers around a man who has a massive stroke and is now attached to a feeding tube. His wife, ex-wife, and son gather to decide whether or not they should end his life or allow him to continue living in pain. I wanted the play to have a sense of the outdoors, using sky and land imagery for openness, in contrast to the private battles expressed in the dialogues. The floor, covered in dirt, is the only area on stage where the actors are to speak, emphasizing themes of isolation. The photographed skies are bordered with frames, as well as the entrances to the theater. I wanted the audience to enter the set as if they were stepping through a window, being an onlooker to this family's problems. These images are from selected scenes. 

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