Friday, December 24, 2010

Above is the cover to Big Questions #3 by Anders Nilsen, a constant influence for the past few years. His detailed illustrations, sense of humor, and monologues have renewed my love for drawing... but more exciting is the fact that I will be his intern in January (and you have no idea how excited I am!) Find more of his work here.

Also, many thanks to Kyle for those good words. 

Comic #1
with Stacey Chapman 
36 pages

Comic #2
18 pages

Comic #3
18 pages

Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Three comics that will be at Quimby's come January. I have finally discovered a way to print multiples faster, which means they will definitely be ready in a few weeks. So, keep your eyes out and BUY A COPY. 

Christmas Wish: A publisher. 

Flocked Ottaman
Fall 2010
Made with Stacey Chapman 

Ottaman re-upholstered with a mountain landscape. Printed with glue, then flocked, and heat pressed. Essentially a velvet screen-print. 

Winter 2010
House #1

Screenprint on black felt. 

Found this from high school. Oh, how this makes me laugh. 

Winter 2010

Here are some ideas I have been working on for The Chicago Underground Library, which is an awesome organization.
May use these for posters or t-shirts. 

(the top image will have books where the front wheel would be)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall 2010

New ideas for a pleated chair/spiked chair; portrait sketches; top one, drawn collaboratively with Stacey... thinking too much about LOST. 

Summer 2010

This summer, I was fortunate enough to land a job as the Field Museum's model builder. I worked with the Exhibition Design team (Hi Alvaro, Robert, Eric, Mark, Cindy, Heejung!), creating a 1/4" scale model of the Abbott Conservation hall. Everyone worked really hard in designing an exhibit showcasing sustainability and environmental preservation. It opens in Fall 2011, and unfortunately none of my super-tiny, eye-impairing work can hit the internet until then. But, I really can't wait for the opening. It's not like any of their current or past exhibitions... which is exciting from a design perspective. I learned a great deal, especially since my supervisor let me observe the museum's production process for Chinese Rubbings. I  worked closely with artist and main production supervisor Mike Paha and conservationist Debbie Lynn. A very successful, and different, experience. Lots of dark corridors and walls of poisonous woods and taxidermied animals and wax plants. Science, a beautiful thing to support! So please, visit. And I will admit, I need a break from making  1/8" x3/8" display cases and supergluing my fingers together. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Set Design Model for Don DeLillo's Love-Lies-Bleeding
Spring 2010

A 1/4" scale model for Design For Performance; floor plans taken from the Lookingglass Theater . The play centers around a man who has a massive stroke and is now attached to a feeding tube. His wife, ex-wife, and son gather to decide whether or not they should end his life or allow him to continue living in pain. I wanted the play to have a sense of the outdoors, using sky and land imagery for openness, in contrast to the private battles expressed in the dialogues. The floor, covered in dirt, is the only area on stage where the actors are to speak, emphasizing themes of isolation. The photographed skies are bordered with frames, as well as the entrances to the theater. I wanted the audience to enter the set as if they were stepping through a window, being an onlooker to this family's problems. These images are from selected scenes. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Set Design Sketches
Spring 2010

Drawings for Don DeLillo's play, Love-Lies-Bleeding. The model box is in a quarter inch scale, and pictures will be up soon. 

Spring 2010

Random doodles. 

Spring 2010

Furniture Sketches.